Villa Natural Wood-Zlatibor

If the road, by accidental or by your own choise, bring you to one of our most beautiful and most visited mountains – Zlatibor, you shouldn’t be worried about the accomodation. Hills of Vlaovina near of the centar of Zlatibor, bathed with sunrise, certanly won’t leave you indifferent. That is where Vila Natural Wood is located. Special pleasentness is beauty of the landscape which surrounds it from all sides, as a gift of nature. Is there anything more beautiful than begining of every thay of your vacation feeled with pleasure, compliance and pure beauty? That can do only nature of Zlatiborian beauty. That can do only landscape which will, be sure, get deep into your eye. Like the most beautiful postcard. Or, you know that moment when you are watching a dear phote and want to make it alive with all your strenght. That situation, that smile, that look. That one captured moment never and nowhere can run away. It’s always the same. Warm, kind, a little bit tickleing, maybe a little melancholic, sleepy, ideological and only yours. It will be carved and it will stay for a long time, long enough to make you wish one sunny morning and one magnificient look through an eye of the window which extends into unreachable distances of nature, deep as much as your imagination. Maybe even overcome your imagination. On a highway, only 230 km far from Belgrade, in summer months you can stop here, before you go down to the sea. There are people who like to finish their sea days on Zlatibor, or to extend them in one different atmosphere where instead of murmor of waves you can enjoy in murmor of pines, and the air is sweetish of meadow fragrant herbs. Winter is time when Zlatibor breathes with its health and proud-spirited lungs from fresh and clear air. If you are not a fan of skiing, then you certanly can not, not to love long walks along winding roads while snow is crunching under your boots and your cheeks are coming red on winter sun, cold, but very yellow. To make all life appetites alive! To feel indeed hunger for everything that new day is bringing, that years in front of you are bringing. Especially is awake that real gourmand appetite, so as a snow whiteness bathed with golden sunny rays, comes an idea-fire, a plate of warm soup. Or maybe one good, fresh domestic bread. Although, maybe just mulled brandy or vine, until you decide what would be good to eat. It seems it’s hard to find which time or season is not good to visit Zlatibor. It sims all the time is possible to find something for everybody – everything for somebody. Villa Natural Wood is not big hotel complex, like those which are directed to massiveness, quantity and megalomania that became popular trend in most of the life segments of modern humen – small and simple, but just capcured, hunted like a fresh fish, into a net of mass media and mass culture. No, this is not a net. This is not a mass Villa. No. But it’s either not a small, uncomfortable, pro-form adapted space where visitors of Zlatibor and lovers of nature will be placed, without air or comfort. It’s made like that to have space to enjoy yourself. Free, with open arms, hearts, minds and souls. A little bit cuttled from centre of Zlatibor, and yet close enough when you want a little beat of crowd and talking. Again, it’s your choise how you’ll create your freedom, holiday and comfort. Four separated parts of Villa Natural Wood are avaliable to you. Will you choose to begin your free day and your first, satisfied, morning smile on the window of Residence Natural Wood, which is ideal for bigger company which can share joy of group vacation? Residence is predicted to receive four to even eight person. Again, for company or small, cheerfull family, Luxury apartment is wonderful choise predicted for three to six people, while standard apartment is predicted for two people. Two people, or couple in love? Or you decided to relax, a little bit selfish in your selfishness, just for yourself, alone? Nothing will affect the first one, sleepy and lazy satisfied smile when you wake up surrounded by pure nature. Even materials here – from built to furniture – are natural. In the offer of accomodation in Villa Natural Wood it is posible to rent two separeted log cabins. You thing everything is possible? Those who visited us came back dissapointed only in one sense – their suspiciousness was dissapointed. Of course, complete silence i peace you can create by walking to the centre of Zlatibor or, of course, using modern devices with which apartments of Villa are equipped with. Indeed, holiday is made for relax, but we always have that humen need to communicate with the rest of the world. Or nesesity. So you can use cable television, plasma screens, super fast wireless internet. You don’t want anything to disturb nature and want to hear just birds, wind and song of conifers? That is ok. And very easy – devices won’t be swithed on until you wish it. And again, unobtrusively they’re all there, modern and high functional.
Come to Zlatibor and visit us. It’s nothing stronger than your experience and nothing more permanent of your impression – ’cause we’re here for You.


New LCD-TVs and internet conection in all of the villa’s rooms,are appointed and tested yesterday.during the day.