Zlatibor, Sirogojno, Mokra Gora, Mećavnik, Tara, Potpećka & Stopića Caves, Tornik and Čigota


Villa natural woodZlatibor


There are many historic – cultural and ethnological monuments and a great number of attractions on Zlatibor and in its immediate surroundings. You are kindly recommended to visit the following places just to tickle your imagination with natural and cultural beauty of the region. We are not going to reveal everything to you at the moment…


etno seloEtno Village Sirogojno


The open-air museum in Sirogojno, called ‘The Old Village’, is an authentic village from the late 19th and early 20th century, and presents peasant way of life back then.


mokra goraMokra Gora


Mokra Gora, meaning the wet Mountain in English, is a village on the northern slopes of mountain Zlatibor. Mokra Gora has become popular after a reconstruction of a narrow gauge railway called Šargan Eight which Is unique in the world. Its route viewed from the sky looks like the number 8. The steam engine will once again take you on a long forgotten trip through rocky canyons, pine forests, lush meadows….




On the way to the Tara mountain there is another attraction – the ethno village of Mećavnik built by Worldly famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica.


TaraTara mountain and the Drina river canyon


Not far from Zlatibor there is another beauty amongst mountains – Tara mountain, which by its closeness and its natural unspoilt beauty presents a good opportunity for single day tours and rafting on the Tara river.


StopicaPotpećka & Stopića Caves


In the immediate vicinity of the city of Užice, and just off the motorway leading to Belgrade, there is Potpećka Cave. Quite close to it there is a restaurant and the village of Zlakusa.

Not far from Zlatibor, on the way to Sirogojno, near the village of Rožanstvo, there is reopened Stopića cave. A not to be missed attraction, certainly!


TornikTornik and Čigota

The highest peaks, Tornik with 1,496m and Čigota with 1422m, present great opportunities for all mountain lovers To engage in hikes in a simply breathtaking environment.

For all ski lovers, with only 7 km away from the centre of Zlatibor, there is a ski centre which boasts three ski tracks and a modern sixsitter mountain lift.

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